Why We Need Fosters

Our mission is to save animals that sit in kill shelters so that they may have a second chance at a happy life. Unfortunately, Around 920,000 Shelter Animals are Euthanized each year including 390,000 Dogs and 530,000 Cats.* With limited time in kill shelters, most only get about seven days to find a home before they are euthanized. There are thousands of shelters filled with great animals who just need a chance. Unfortunately, we can only rescue as many animals as we have foster homes–which is why we need people like you to foster!

*Statistics from: https://worldanimalfoundation.org/advocate/pet-adoption-statistics/ 

How Fostering Helps

You may think that if you take care of an animal, you will not be able to give it up. Remember, by fostering, you not only save the pet in your care, but also make room for another animal in a shelter somewhere. You are saving two animals, not only one! Your heart will soar when you see your foster pet with their new forever family, knowing that you helped save its life!​

Help us rescue more animals by completing a foster application. A Heart for Animals is a foster based rescue and relies on volunteers like you that open your homes to homeless animals.

Fostering is free! We provide medical care and food. You provide the home and the love!
How To Foster
Follow our easy 2 step process!

Complete the online foster application or download and print the foster application (to download a PDF, right click on the page and select “save as…”).


Download, read, and sign the foster agreement, which you must complete prior to fostering.